SproutLoud Empowers Cruise Planners’ Travel Agents to Drive Results

SproutLoud Empowers Cruise Planners’ Travel Agents to Drive Results

As a leader in the travel industry, Cruise Planners knows how important it is to have a local marketing automation platform capable of empowering their agents to drive results. That’s why Cruise Planners chose SproutLoud more than 10 years ago.

“Through the partnership with SproutLoud, our agents have access to local marketing tools to help them be successful and build their business,” said Vicky Garcia, co-owner and chief operating officer at Cruise Planners. “When we get exclusive offers from our suppliers — like Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Sandals All-inclusive Resorts — we have to go to market really quickly. With SproutLoud, we’ve been able to go to market within 2 days, which is faster than any supplier can do on their own. Ten years ago, when we signed up with SproutLoud, we had about 300 or 350 franchise agents at the time, and we had little automation in that regard. So, this just took it to a whole new level. We’re now at over 2,500 franchisees, and SproutLoud has scaled right next to us the whole way through.”

“SproutLoud is a great technology partner of ours because of the personalization that our agents are able to have,” said Theresa Scalzitti, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Cruise Planners. “Being able to work with our marketing team and the creative team at Cruise Planners and uploading those marketing assets into the SproutLoud platform really allows our travel advisors to send out these pieces. SproutLoud gives our advisors opportunities to take part in programs like social media management, reputation management, online listings and aggregation. That really helps our travel advisors — who are usually 1- or 2-man teams — seem much larger to their client base. SproutLoud’s customer service is really second to none. Our agents are always raving about how easy it is to work with SproutLoud. And if they have any questions, they call the customer service line and immediately they’re given help. SproutLoud is an industry leader because they allow us to scale at the local level – and that’s very important to the growth of Cruise Planners.”

“The ultimate measure of success is a travel booking, and the programs we have with SproutLoud are designed to do just that,” said Stacie Faulds, director of marketing at Cruise Planners. “For example, our Full Sails program that we have with travel franchise owners, they can log onto the SproutLoud platform, they can customize and personalize these pieces, while still maintaining brand control, and they can send these to their clients with the confidence that it is a beautifully printed piece. Our marketing programs with SproutLoud are a real time saver and value for our franchisees. All of the automation that SproutLoud provides allows our franchisees to really focus on their business and selling travel.”

There’s power in having one platform to run every marketing tactic possible, backed with intelligence to fuel growth. That’s SproutLoud: local marketing made simple.

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