Allied Air Chose SproutLoud as Their Best Secret to Growth

Allied Air, a leading HVAC manufacturer that utilizes a multi-tier distribution model, chose SproutLoud as their Distributed Marketing solution, to manage Co-Op Marketing programs and set them on a course for continued growth.

“Because of SproutLoud, we have an annual target that for every dollar we invest, we get a minimum of 200 percent return on that investment. What we actually see is in the thousands,” said Becca Kingery, Allied Air Senior Manager of Marketing Programs. “So, we know that because we are more strategic in how we manage and where we manage our funds, our investments have become smarter and smarter. Again, any manufacturer who isn’t utilizing this, this is our best secret to growth.” 

“In my 25 years of experience, I’ve had multiple manufacturing roles, and I have learned in my 10 years of being at Allied Air, marketing co-op and marketing funds is a very important key to growth for our customers,” Kingery said. “Being in a two-step distribution model, it’s very important for us to have those keys, have those levers in place for our business to succeed. I knew what we needed. I knew where we could go with it. And I set out looking for a system and a platform that would give us the visibility we needed. When we did find SproutLoud and we met with the team, we knew right away that the partnership was a great partnership. We were very interested in something that we could implement fairly quickly, but still have some level of customization available to us. We have seen a record amount of growth year over year for the last seven years. And our customers have experienced that as well. We are in a critical industry. People won’t go without heating or cooling. Now, we want to keep those customers. The inventory has freed up. How do we keep those customers? And marketing’s job is to stay focused on the trends and the long-term strategies that help our distributors succeed. So, that’s really where Marketing Development Funds come into play. If we can give them funding, with some guidelines on how to invest that money, we’re guaranteeing ourselves a return on that investment. And we ensure that they have the right people in place locally to implement the marketing strategies. 



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