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Manage Your Brand Through Your Partners

Welcome to SproutLoud’s Distributed Marketing Jobs to Be Done newsletter. We’ll explore how you can use software to accomplish the jobs that need to be done to address your most pressing distributed marketing challenges. We’ve done hundreds of Jobs-to-Be-Done interviews with customers, to get to the root of their challenges so we can provide innovative solutions.

This bi-monthly newsletter is designed to help you understand the realm of what’s possible and to give you a chance to get to know SproutLoud technology better.

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In this issue, we explore 3 common obstacles to managing your brand and promotions through distributed local users.

  • Why do my stakeholders keep doing things on their own?
  • Marketing assets grow stale before they can be used. I can’t convert my creative to templates or tactics fast enough to be relevant and meet users’ needs.
  • My users aren’t using what I provide them.

Obstacle 1:
Why do my stakeholders keep doing things on their own?

A: Your distributed users are not following your branding or content guidelines because you need to make it easier for them to find what they are looking for.

  • Start with organizing your assets. Load and tag your assets, creating a taxonomy for your organization that is flexible enough for your business and intuitive for your stakeholders.

SproutLoud - Multi-faceted Search Tags


  • Provide a global multi-faceted search with technology that supports suggestive or auto-complete technology.

SproutLoud - Auto-complete


  • Design and personalize portal landing pages so they are relevant to your users. Make it easy by linking directly to the creative and preferred or promotional tactics you most care about.

SproutLoud - Homepage Builder


  • Push your creative to your users’ inboxes. Deep-link your emails for one-click access to give your users what they need.


Obstacle 2:
Marketing assets grow stale before they’re used. I can’t convert my creative to templates or tactics fast enough to be relevant and meet users’ needs.

A: Your workflows or technology may not be flexible enough to meet the changing needs of your business.

First, ensure that your art files are transformed into templates in a quick timeframe that meets the needs of your business. If you have daily takedowns, you need overnight support for your templates to be created or turned. 

Next, componentize your templates, so your artwork can be flexible. 

Examples: Legal disclaimers and promotional offers should tie to a datasource that automatically updates all templates from one centralized place in your technology. If your company is product oriented, consider building a Product Information Management data-store so images, descriptions, SKU numbers and other details can update all templates on your system.

This allows your business to meet your local messaging needs — on-demand — without designer help.


Obstacle 3:
My users aren’t using what I provide them.

A: Are you treating your users as designers by giving them too many choices? Users tend to value convenience and ease above all else. 

SproutLoud makes templates easier to use and inherently brand compliant by reducing the number of template options by more than 10x, compared to competitors in the field.

In addition, SproutLoud’s Ad Builder with SmartCanvas™ auto-magically builds ads based on who the user is, which local market they are in, and what products they have available to sell. In some cases, smart template designs drastically reduce users’ time on task and number of clicks, quickly giving them the right content for their intended audiences. 


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