Get Local Ad Campaign Insight with Call Tracking

Get Local Ad Campaign Insight with Call Tracking

What is a call tracking number? A call tracking number is a unique toll-free or local phone number that is used for a given marketing campaign. The number routes all incoming calls to your business number, making it easy to track various call metrics associated with the particular marketing strategy. This is such a great definition of the call tracking number, but let’s dive into some of the more detailed benefits that come with the call tracking number, like metrics and the impact on traditional and digital marketing.

What metrics are available when you have a call tracking number? You will be able to see the number of received calls, caller IDs, call dates, and duration of the call. You can also listen to the call recording and use it for training purposes or to score the call based on the outcome, like Appointment Booked, Sale Won, Call Back, etc.

Call tracking numbers are the only way to really track traditional marketing like TV, radio, and direct mailers. Unless you ask customers how they found you or heard about your business, how do you know which local ad campaign to attribute to this customer or lead? Even if they tell you, are you writing it down and keeping track of what local campaign or tactic is getting you the most customers? A simple way to do this is to assign a call tracking number to the campaign, this way you will know how many people are calling from what campaign and be able to shift your focus to the most effective type of campaign.

Digital marketing campaigns can also greatly benefit from a call tracking number. Even though there are many methods to track digital campaigns, like clicks, landing pages, and form submissions. Unless that person fills out a form you will never know who they are. And how many people didn’t fill out a form but thought calling was more convenient? Don’t you want to know who called because they saw your Facebook ad? Without a call tracking number you are losing out on those call leads.

Local business owners expect leads to come into the store or call the store and say: “I saw your commercial on TV” or “I saw your ad online.” But this is not the case, even if you ask every customer how they heard about your business.  Many of them may not remember, or they will say “I looked it up online.” But the point is that while where they heard of business is important to you, it is not very important to that person, and they can really say anything they want when asked “How did you hear about us?” Don’t get me wrong you should still ask, but wouldn’t you take up the opportunity of making this process easier and more reliable by getting a call tracking number, which is very inexpensive and a very effective tracking tool?

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