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Insurance and Financial Services

Can your agents, brokers and advisors compete? To win customers in the highly competitive insurance and financial sectors, they need to combine sophisticated marketing tactics with traditional relationship building. How do agents, brokers and advisors increase their marketing reach without taking time away from customers?

SproutLoud’s Local Marketing Automation software solution is the key.

Distributed Marketing for Insurance and Financial Services

Local Marketing Automation for Agents, Brokers and Advisors

Move from a fractured ecosystem of ineffective tactics

  • Low user participation
  • Too many incompatible tools
  • Ineffective local marketing
  • Too many one-off local campaigns
  • No connection between national and local campaigns
  • Cumbersome to update legal disclaimers

To a centralized marketing automation solution

  • Leverage smart marketing software to launch local user marketing faster and at less cost.
  • Accelerate funding and grow insight through Funds Management.
  • Drive user participation in automated marketing programs with turnkey Success Management for agents, brokers and advisors

Local Marketing Automation Ignites Engagement and Sales


Smart Local Marketing Software

SproutLoud’s Local Distributed Marketing Platform changes the way you go to market with agents, brokers and advisors:

End users can localize marketing with a few clicks and reduce customization requests

Rules-based campaign engine gets more assets into market faster

Smart Ads update legal disclaimers automatically based on region and product


Funds Management

Get advertising funds to agents, brokers and advisors immediately while improving visibility and control:

Attach funding directly to campaigns to influence behaviors

Synthesize the management of funds and campaigns in one solution

Native business intelligence, easy-to-access marketing analytics dashboards, and end-user marketing attribution data empower you to invest in what works


Success Management for Agents, Brokers and Advisors

Getting end users engaged is the name of the game:

SproutLoud 20/20 is a turnkey marketing research program designed to help your company replicate high-performing behaviors among your end user network

User Ignite provides the expertise and exceptional customer service needed for custom marketing plans

An ecosystem of 100+ Marketing Service Integrations ensures campaigns are executed flawlessly using your vendors or ours

Pre-Built Marketing Stack for End Users

Asset Management Creation

Asset Creation

Marketing Tactics

Marketing Tactics

Reseller Training

End User Training

Marketing vendors

Marketing Vendors

Marketing Concierge

Marketing Concierge

Marketing Campaign Enrollment

Campaign Enrollment

Campaign Approvals

Campaign Approvals

Instant Co-Pay, Co-op Marketing

Instant Co-Pay, Co-Op Marketing Funding and Reimbursements

Funds Management

Funds Management

Local Marketing Execution

Local Execution

Marketing analytics

Marketing Analytics

Agents, Brokers and Advisors Going Rogue

Is it easier for users to run their own campaigns? Complex brand guidelines often take agents, brokers and advisors away from their customers. SproutLoud’s Local Marketing Automation software solution makes marketing simple with a point-and-click experience and rules-based automation to get more campaigns to market faster with less cost.

End Users Not Participating in Campaigns

About 50% of end users participate in their brand’s preferred local marketing campaigns. With SproutLoud, your agents, brokers and advisors get digital scorecards, custom marketing plans and a Marketing Concierge™ to do all the heavy lifting for them.

Lack of Analytics

With SproutLoud’s Local Marketing Automation software, all local campaign execution occurs in a controlled, measurable environment. This allows your brand to invest in what’s working to improve efficiency of spend.

No Connection between National and Local Campaigns

Connecting your national campaign to local advertising with a CTA specific to your end users is crucial. SproutLoud uses rules-based automation so only current ads are available to end users, and your message is clear from National TV to Local PPC.

Complex Legal Disclaimers by Product, Agent and Region

Insurance and financial services are among the most regulated industries. That is why every product or service, in every state, has to have its own customized legal disclaimer. SproutLoud uses data-driven customization to auto-populate legal disclaimers that are tailored to specific agents, brokers, advisors, markets, services and products.

Too Many Customization Requests from End Users

Insurance and financial services companies that use manual processes to customize advertising for local end users typically face serious challenges with brand compliance. SproutLoud creates dynamic templates that are pre-set with brand-compliant options, which end users can easily use to customize local ads. No need for email requests, ad agencies, nor lengthy approval processes.

Recently, a leading insurance and financial services company was in the market for a significant upgrade in distributed marketing solutions. Their previous local marketing platform lacked highly complex template customization, offered...

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