Brand Marketing Support

Brand marketers tasked with driving more sales
in local markets face key challenges, including:

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Aligning campaign tactics with the consumer journey

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Managing a network of Partners, who are often overloaded and under pressure to deliver results

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Trying to determine ROI, when analytics are impossible to retrieve across outdated and incompatible systems

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With SproutLoud, every facet of Channel Marketing becomes more simple and effective for Brands. Our comprehensive SaaS Platform provides expert Brand support, including a dedicated team of Client Relationship Managers (CRMs) and strategic consulting through our turnkey SproutLoud 20/20 service.

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Client Relationship

A dedicated team of SproutLoud Client Relationship Managers (CRMs) works directly with your Brand marketing team. Each of our CRM teams consists of a senior manager, multiple CRM subject matter experts and a project manager. CRM teams provide direct Brand support throughout discovery, onboarding, deployment and day-to-day operations, including expert guidance on Channel Marketing strategy and implementation of marketing tactics.

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SproutLoud 20/20 is a turnkey service designed to help Brands define what success looks like across their Partner networks. By conducting systematic marketing research interviews, surveys and data analysis, SproutLoud identifies key top-performing marketing behaviors within a Brand’s Partner network. Then, the SproutLoud team works directly with the Brand on how to replicate those behaviors and drive success across their entire Partner network.

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