SproutLoud Announces Collaboration with Yext to Help Resellers Leverage Search Technology

SproutLoud Announces Collaboration with Yext to Help Resellers Leverage Search Technology

SproutLoud, a leader in Through Channel Marketing Automation, announced its collaboration with Yext, the Search Experience Cloud company, to allow businesses to leverage search engines, social networks, apps and voice assistants — making it available to the vast distributed marketing networks of major brands. Together, these two powerhouses in marketing technology are helping brands empower their local resellers to take control of the facts about them in Google, Alexa, Siri, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as manage and respond to reviews.

More consumers than ever before are making buying decisions today based on data they get from online searches, apps and smart speakers — without necessarily visiting a brick-and-mortar store or even visiting the company’s website. Industry experts estimate that 75 percent of American households have at least one smart speaker.

“The way consumers interact with brands online has changed drastically over the years. Today, people expect brands to answer the questions they have about them wherever they’re searching online, and respond to their feedback in reviews,” said Luis Baptista-Coelho, Executive Vice President of Global Partner at Yext. “We’re proud to work with SproutLoud to help local brands provide customers with the best digital experience with brand verified answers.”

Through SproutLoud’s network of best-of-breed Marketing Service Integrations, the company is able to offer Yext’s leading-edge technology for listings, reviews and analytics through SproutLoud’s distributed marketing platform.

“Yext is known for technology that delivers the answers brands need,” said Gary Ritkes, President of SproutLoud. “What brands are looking for is a way to leverage that tech and scale, to give the thousands of small businesses in their distributed marketing networks a fast and easy way to compete and win in local markets.”

With SproutLoud and Yext, brands and their local reseller partners are ready for what comes next, as new iterations of technology for online searches, listings, reviews and analytics take shape.




SproutLoud is a leading SaaS-based Through Channel Marketing Automation platform, designed to increase brand sales through partners in local markets. SproutLoud’s advanced marketing automation technology simplifies every aspect of Distributed Marketing and delivers comprehensive analytics on tens of millions of touchpoints for major, category-leading brands. SproutLoud gives brands unparalleled visibility on ROI for individual tactics, campaigns, partner engagement and platform usage. With SproutLoud, brands have the advantage of responding rapidly to changing market conditions in real time with data-driven decisions.

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