What is Distributed Marketing?

Distributed Marketing

Distributed Marketing is a term that not many people understand, so we broke it down for you. Learning how to identify your organization as “Distributed” and one that could use Distributed Marketing strategies can save you time, money, and effort.

Know Thyself 

In researching the topic of Distributed Marketing, many vague and ambiguous definitions exist, all consisting of words long enough to put you to sleep. This is an issue for a company like SproutLoud because we provide solutions to companies that have a “Distributed” organization, most easily described as a B2B2C Channel. The image blow illustrates this relationship:

Distributed Marketing is a term that not many people understand, so we broke it down for you.

If people can’t self-identify as Distributed Marketers, but they indeed are, they won’t be able to find a solution that meets their unique needs. We will clear up the definition so that any marketer can either correctly identify if they need a Distributed Marketing solution or not.

What is a Distributed Organization?

Companies/ Brands/ Manufacturers that have multiple Distribution Partners can be described as “Distributed” because they are spread geographically and organizationally. Companies with one location, or a small number of them do not fit the true definition of “Distributed,” because they do not have Channel relationships or multiple entities.

What is Distributed Marketing?

Distributed Marketing refers to the process of creating templated marketing campaigns or assets that can be customized at the local level to create a co-Branded message and is delivered automatically to consumers. Implementing Branded Marketing this way saves time and costs for both the Brand and the Channel Partners.

Distributed Marketing platforms like SproutLoud allow for easy local customizations of Brand-approved marketing materials, the application of Co-Op Funds (cost sharing across Channel Partners and Brands), and enrollment into automated programs created entirely at the Brand level.

Now What? 

If you have identified your organization as “Distributed” but are not utilizing an automated process, you may be wasting time and money on outdated processes. Your Local Partners may also be wasting time and spending too much on materials that are not Brand approved. Platforms like ours exist to easily scale marketing for organizations that need customized marketing for their variety of Channel Partners. Now that you can self- identify your organization as Distributed, acting on that classification will lead to a more efficient structure in your marketing initiatives.


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