The Power of Direct Mail Still Exists


Right around the week before my birthday, I get excited and want to start celebrating. And it usually starts with me going to my mailbox everyday to get those silly and sentimental birthday cards from my friends and family. Mixed in with those birthday greetings are some pretty cool offers from places I love to frequently shop. This past birthday, I noticed that three retailers sent me a personalized birthday card with a special offer inside. And the outside of the envelope looked handwritten – what a nice touch!

Businesses that choose to send a customized, physical piece of mail truly stand out in my mind and make me want to continue to be one of their loyal customers. They could have simply sent me an email, like they do with their typical promotions, but chances are, I may have missed it or deleted the email by accident. It’s so easy nowadays for companies to mainly focus on digital and social marketing methods and forget the traditional approach. Contrary to popular belief, direct mail marketing is very much alive and is still a key part of a successful multichannel marketing strategy. Here are five guidelines to follow so your direct mail is effective and not forgotten.

Set a Goal – choose a single objective. For instance, do you want to create new leads or do you want to remarket to existing customers?

Create a Calendar – send out your direct mail campaign to according to a set schedule. For best results, send it out at least three times.

Target and Personalize It – determine what your offer or call to action is and segment your customer database accordingly. Customize each mailer with the person’s name and use words and images that are important to your audience.

Tie It to Other Channels – design it to include a personalized URL or a quick response (QR) code that directs people back to a special landing page. Or send a direct mail piece and follow it up with an email that has the same message, look and feel.

Measure the Results – determine what aspects of the campaign are important to track such as offer codes, number of responses or increased website traffic. Analyze the data and see where there is room for improvement before the next campaign goes out.


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