The Importance of Automation: Why Brands Should Set up Automated Marketing Programs


In today’s world, it’s common to hear the term “get more for less.” It’s an intriguing concept, right? Who wouldn’t want to pay less and get more? I’d certainly like to put in less effort and get a greater return.

Most of the time, this idea seems a bit flawed – the left side of my brain demands to know, logically, how can this be?  In the distributed marketing world, this is possible. More than possible – this is preferred.  So what’s the silver bullet answer on how to get more for doing less? Automation.

For most brands, it’s common knowledge that their distributed marketing network (retailers, franchisees, independent agents, etc) are not marketers.  Marketing can be seen like an afterthought, or even a hassle.  Many times, small business owners just don’t have time or energy to focus on their marketing. Providing them with an automated solution offers the option to set it and forget it. Users can follow a quick and easy enrollment process and marketing communications automatically flow out with no further effort required on the user’s part. More for less, at it’s finest.

The benefits of the automated programs reach past just the “do less, get more” advantage for the user.  The brand benefits as well – brand compliant messaging regularly sent out to their network’s customer base –  done. Holistic data flow back to the brand with statistics on how the marketing touch points are performing? No problem.

The bottom line here is it that automation is a key component in the Brand’s bag of “making life easier for the network” tools.If you’re a brand and you haven’t yet begun to explore the world of automation, now is the time. Bringing a nice value-add to your network never hurt, right? Happy automating!


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