Social Media is for Your Business Too


There are certain companies that you don’t expect to have an engaging social media presence; cleaners, exterminators, construction and contractors, etc. But those are precisely the industries that can be the most engaging because you don’t expect it. How can franchisees and local merchants in industries lacking a cool factor build creative social media campaigns that attract followers?

Why any business can leverage social media

Local marketers sometimes rationalize not participating in social media because their product or offering isn’t hip or cool for the social industry. They see new school marketing not necessary for their old school service.


To think that your business is not worthy of utilizing the ultimate word of mouth tool is the kiss of death in today’s marketing landscape. Any business, large or small, can leverage the power of social media with the right creative thinking. article, brings to light how just about any local business can benefit from social media through the use of creative messaging such as before-and-after picture or helpful tips.

Take Rich Foreman, 34 and a second-generation exterminator for Dynamite Pest Control. Dynamite Pest Control uses social media as its only form of advertising. Every Valentine’s Day, Dynamite Pest Control posts a photograph with “I ♥ U” spelled out using dead cockroaches — “a promotion that always drives comments to the company’s Facebook page.”

In the history of marketing there has never been a medium that allows you to get the pulse of your potential customers and connect with them on such a humanizing level.

So spread the social joy and start getting engaged! If you’re sharing pictures on Facebook, why not post them to your Twitter and Pinterest page, too? Having a consistent presence on social media is key to growing your brand and the trust of your customers and potential customers.


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