Should You Build a Mobile Version of Your Website?


If you are considering building a mobile version of your website, there is one very important question that you should ask yourself first: “Is there a demand for a mobile version of my site?”

There are a couple of ways to determine if there is indeed demand for a mobile version of your website.

  1. The nature of your business can usually give a good indication of the people that are searching for it. If you are a restaurant, locksmith, or car repair shop, there are probably a lot of potential customers trying to locate a service like yours on mobile devices so having a mobile version of your site will pay off. However if you provide a service with a longer sales cycle, where customers usually perform in-depth research, a mobile site will not provide the same kinds of benefits and will not be worth the investment.
  2. Analytics data can provide all kinds of useful data, including how many of your visitors came from a mobile device, and what types of mobile devices. If a large percentage of your visitors are coming from mobile devices, you may want to build a site that is compatible with those devices.

If there is enough demand from mobile devices, there is another very important question you must ask yourself. Will a mobile version of the site actually perform the tasks that you need it to in a manner that is easy for customers to navigate? Many organizations have determined that the shopping and checkout process are too cumbersome on a mobile version of website.

Instead of building a mobile version, they build an application that can be downloaded in the Android and/or Apple app stores. This solution can be very effective, but can have drawbacks in the amount of development time it requires to build an app for either the iPhone, Andriod or both. Even though it can take some time to develop and have it approved, applications can provide a much better user experience, especially in an e-commerce environment.


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