Outsourcing Doesn’t Have to be a Dirty Word


The new millennium has ushered in a dizzying array of new media and marketing opportunities, with more arriving on the scene daily. With the rapid increase and evolution of media, corporate marketing departments and resources can have trouble keeping pace. And pity the local small business that has to stay on top of the latest media trends as well as their daily obligations.

From a corporate perspective, recognizing what your marketing team does best, and seeking outside assistance for additional skill sets when you need them can give your company a strategic advantage. It puts your employees’ marketing skills to their optimal use and streamlines the execution of other tasks that may not be in their range of managerial or functional expertise. As a result, corporate marketing gets the best input, and can produce the best output. This boost also translates to the local marketing activities you support and can give sales channels the best tools possible to help boost revenue.

While outsourcing marketing activities in which other companies specialize such as public relations, social media, or graphic design may seem like an expense rather than an investment, doing so ensures the things people were hired to do are being executed by the best people and in the best manner possible. There is a reason the phrase “jack of all trades, master of none” exists. Wouldn’t you rather have a master working for your business? So would the partners in your local marketing.


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