Improve and Automate Your Brand’s Pay-Per-Click Campaigns at the Local Level

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns have proven to be both a profitable and reliable advertising medium for businesses to increase awareness and traffic to websites. Statistics show that 83% of internet users employ search engines to find information online. In addition, more than 54% of Americans have substituted the phone book with online Local Search, causing more and more businesses to implement PPC campaigns. A Distributed Marketing Platform is an optimal tool to help brands improve and automate PPC campaigns at the local marketer level.

Three reasons why national brands should use a Distributed Marketing Platform to implement PPC campaigns:

Simplify Co-Op Marketing Fund Management

By utilizing a Distributed Marketing Platform, brands can easily provide co-op marketing dollars to local marketers for inclusion in Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Having all PPC program components and co-op funds management on the same platform makes the whole process simple and well-organized, helping brands leverage funds in real-time through flexible options.

Economies of Scale for Local Pay-Per-Click Management

A good platform is scalable to support dynamic local marketing networks, alleviating a lot of time and resources to manage a multitude of local pay-per-click campaigns. Local keyword and bid optimization can be done at a bulk level to remain efficient and cost-effective.

Streamlined Messaging Across PPC Campaigns

Brands can control advertising messaging to ensure that local marketers are brand compliant and in alignment with messaging, promotions, calls-to-action and more. Because of the scalability of local account management, messaging throughout hundreds or even thousands of locations can be easily updated without exhausting many resources.

There are few tools in a marketer’s tool box that can scale, target, and be measured like Local PPC.  For Channel Marketing Managers tasked with developing integrated online-offline marketing programs that find end-consumers through varied channels, Local PPC is an indispensable tool.


About the Author
Anne Ghaltchi
Anne Ghaltchi is the Director of Digital Services at SproutLoud, responsible for digital product direction and management. Anne works with our Marketing Service Providers on product selection, operational processes needed for digital product management, and deployment of new digital products and services of our partners through our platform. Anne joined SproutLoud with a strong background in digital media and marketing with expertise in strategy, data analysis and client services. She graduated from the University of Florida, where in addition to earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising, she became a die-hard Gator. She is passionate about hot yoga and cupcakes; her favorite yoga pose is bird of paradise, while her favorite cupcake flavor is red velvet.