Four Life Lessons You Can Learn from Distributed Marketing


You might be in over your head, or even drowning in your distributed marketing organization with its multiple channel programs, but if you lift your head above the surface you will see there are life lessons to benefit from. After reading these four lessons you just might be able to breathe again.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. -Aristotle

A brand is more robust when harmonized with its network partners. Think about the awareness your brand can create when local marketing is coordinate with network partners, and with a lot less time/effort than if a network partner was on its own.


  • Offer co-op funds that prepay marketing expenses of your network partners
  • Align with network partners through Local Marketing Automation programs like Local Search, Local PPC, and Direct Mail
  • Use Marketing Automation Playbooks to simplify option sets of local marketing resources for network partners

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. -Eusebius Jerome

For a brand to give co-op funds to each of its local affiliates is a generosity that should not be overlooked nor be judged solely by the price tag. Deciding to involve yourself in co-op marketing shows to local affiliates that you as a brand believe in the product, its desirability, and the successful representation of local affiliates. You wouldn’t want to ask someone to put forth their money to promote a product you haven’t invested in promoting yourself.Keep in mind:

  • Be flexible when providing funds by allowing local affiliates to use the co-op funds on any product
  • Give a reasonable expiration date for fund availability – it’s going to be a clear win-win, but the funds are your investment as brand, time limits create good urgency
  • Try a rewards program where the stores with greater sales are able to move up from Silver to Gold status, with a respective increase in co-op funds

Everything should be made as simple as possible… but not simpler. -Albert Einstein

Isn’t it nice when you receive that postcard from your dentist to wish you a happy birthday? Someone remembered! But, you would hope that they didn’t waste their time remembering when to send it out for every single patient. This is where simplicity comes in the form of Local Marketing Automation. With Marketing Automation Platforms and Triggered Communications you’re able to set up a direct mailer or email to be sent based on a date, such as a birthday. This simple solution lets you set it and forget it – all the work is done for you. Much better than the “simpler” solution of mailing all the postcards on the first of month hoping they will arrive in mailboxes around the actual birthdays.Remember:

  • Use an application that makes it easy to import contacts and trigger dates in bulk, but still allows you to add/delete individuals over time – manage your list
  • Have multiple templates that are focused on the different target market groups for your brand
  • Encourage customization by having an automatic option to insert the customer’s name, messages based on transaction history, etc.

Everyone wants some magical solution for their problem and everyone refuses to believe in magic. -The Mad Hatter

Distributed Marketing is complex – that’s a no brainer. However, when it comes to a magical solution you just might say a Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) could be it. I’ve overheard our president, Gary Ritkes, on a demo call explain how MAPs work and on the other line a sigh of relief – “This is just what we are looking for.” Whatever magical solution you’ve found for your business needs to be supported from the local level. The local affiliates must see, understand, and experience the solution so they can believe in it and put in the effort to make it worth everyone’s while.Motivate:

  • Send an email from the President of your company, personally introducing the new solution and explaining how it will benefit the individual locations
  • Encourage attendance of a short webinar that introduces how to use the solution and apply it at the individual level
  • Give away an item or trial service so local affiliates can truly experience the process from beginning to end

Take a minute today to reflect on how these life lessons can apply to your situation. Your realization just might surprise you!

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