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Since Facebook’s roll-out of Timelines for fan pages this past March, brands now have a better way to connect and engage with their audience. Fan pages have the ability to utilizing their creativity to build out an informative and genuine chronicle about their brand. The new features include: the addition of a cover photo, customizable Application Pages, the ability to pin posts to the top of the page, highlight posts across the page, add milestones reached, and edit the dates on posts. Other performance updates include: larger posts and image sizes and the removal of default landing pages.

  • Cover Photo- Should be 851 x 315 pixels for the best quality. It cannot contain call to action verbiage and any pricing or contact information; you may experience consequences if you do not follow these rules. Remember, this image is available to the public.
  • Customizable App Pages- Are the tabs that link to your applications and can be rearranged by relevance or importance and have the ability to customize the image.
  • Pin Posts- When you pin a post to the top of your timeline you are essentially marking its significance. Any status updates or posts will appear under the pinned post. To Pin a post, click on the pencil image in the top-right hand corner of the post box and click “Pin to Top”. You can “Unpin From Top” by repeating the process.
  • Highlight Posts- Highlighting a post expands the content across the page and becomes a point of concentration for your fans to engage with on your timeline. This post will remain in the same sequence as posted but will extend to each side of your timeline. To highlight a post, click on the star image and the content space will expand the length of the screen.
  • Post Milestones- By creating Milestones you can publish more valuable information about your brand and the achievements you’ve accomplished in the past. This content type spans the width of the page and the photo dimensions are 843 x 403 pixels.
  • Edit Post Dates- With the ability to edit the dates of posts you can more accurately exhibit your content and fill in the gaps. To edit a post, click on the pencil image and then “Change Date…”

It is important, to most fans, that your brand and social media image remain just that, social. They would much rather view content about what makes the brand fun and engaging then read about sales and promotions. With an effective Timeline management system you can continually update your past and future endeavors to increase the reach and engagement from your fans.


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