Drive Your Business in a new Direction with Vehicle Wraps


Do you see those extravagant designs on cars while driving around? These vehicle wrap designs are trending in cities around the world. Vehicle wraps help drive your business into a new direction of advertising. Nothing compares to a 15 ft by 6 ft moving, local advertisement.

If you are considering a vehicle wrap to market your business, take a look at these interesting facts and statistics about the benefits of Vehicle Wrap advertising.

  • Messages on outdoor mobile billboards have a 97% recall rate.1
  • 96% of respondents said mobile ads are more effective than traditional outdoor advertising.1
  • Mobile Ads generate 2.5 times more attention than a static billboard.2
  • They also capture heavy commuters; and 27% of the heaviest commuters do not read a newspaper.3
  • 91% of the targeted audience noticed text and graphics on vehicle advertising. 4
  • Mobile billboard displays boost name recognition 15 times greater than any other form of advertising. 5

What are the marketing benefits?

  • Acts as a larger advertising tool and asset.
  • Adds a higher level of prestige and status, as well as elevating you and your business above your competitors.
  • Wraps are a great way to brand yourself and your business.
  • It’s an effective medium to share your contact information in your community.
  • It allows a broader reach to all markets in your area, and the places you travel to.
  • Your vehicle becomes your mobile billboard, so don’t drive too fast!
  • Everyone in your community becomes aware of who you are and your presence.
  • Vehicle wraps help validate your business to your neighbors, friends and peers.
  • Wraps should be a part of your marketing plan because it’s an advertising advantage above your competitors.

What are the vehicle benefits?

  • You are guaranteed a 5 year warranty on your investment when installation is coordinated through SproutLoud and their certified 3M dealers.
  • Vehicle wraps protect and extend the paint life of your vehicle. (The wrap acts as an extra layer of paint or “sunscreen” protection for your vehicle.)
  • The majority of leasing companies prefer you have the vehicle wrapped.
  • Wrapping allows you to preserve the paint on older vehicles and preserves the purity of the paint for new vehicles.
  • Wraps help protect your paint from sun and salt water damage, and they also cover minor scratches and dents.
  • Wraps help preserve tint from fading the back and rear windows.
  • SproutLoud’s wrap quality employs a durable UV ink system, on PVC vinyl film, and laminate for extra protection. (4mm total thickness)
  • You can feel confident that there will be no damage to your vehicle or paint when utilizing one of SproutLoud’s certified 3M dealers to removed the film.

1 Transportation Advertising Council of America

2 Perception Research Services

3 The Arbitron Outdoor Study

4 The American Trucking Association Study

5 Product Acceptance and Research Inc.


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