Don’t Forget Your Fonts When Ensuring Your Brand Standards


When it comes to your brand, you take great care to make sure that your image is polished. You spend countless hours deciding the look and feel of your company. You take great pride in ensuring that all of your print and marketing materials send the right message. You make sure they use your corporate colors and all of your images are perfect. Most of the time, that is as far as it goes.  As a print professional, I’d like to remind you to add one more item to your checklist. Your FONTS!

When it comes to fonts there are a few things to keep in mind. First off, make sure to always understand how your materials will be produced. I don’t mean you have to know the ins and outs, but you should have a general knowledge.

For example, are your materials going to be printed? If so, how? It’s a good idea to speak to the professionals doing the work. Find out what platform they work on (Mac vs. PC), find out if they require your fonts to be provided in a certain format.

And also find out if they prefer the fonts to be converted into drawing objects (more commonly known as outlines). Knowing this information will help protect your brand.

In the event that a font is missing, corrupt or in the improper format, the design can become compromised. You’ve invested so much to build your brand, taking this simple step can help ensure it looks great in all your marketing efforts, and your jobs get completed on time.


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