Creating Great Content: Homepage Slide Show Tips


Slide shows on your homepage can effectively present information in an organized manner while engaging your site visitors. When done correctly, slides can help you offer promotions, display valuable messages and help keep your site fresh. Plus, they are usually user-friendly and convenient for users.

Here are some basic etiquette tips to creating an attention-grabbing slide show:

  • The majority of visitors will stay on your homepage less than one minute. Keep the amount of slides displayed to a minimum – three to six is ideal for most sites.
  • Have your slide show transition automatically or provide buttons/guides for users to manually control the rotation.
  • If your slides will rotate on their own, display each one about three to five seconds before transitioning.
  • Avoid unnecessary content and extra call-to-action buttons (one per slide is optimal).
  • Conduct tests to see which slides get the most views and click-throughs.
  • Take your testing one step further and segment groups of slides to different segments of site visitors.
  • Don’t forget to optimize these images for SEO — the crawlers LOVE this meta data.

See some examples of great slide shows here.

SproutLoud offers a comprehensive slide show widget within our Homepage Builder module. Clients can drive traffic to specific programs, target messages to different user groups and cross-promote features outside of the SproutLoud application, such as social media pages.

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