A Must Have Report from Gleanster: State of Co-op and MDF

In collaboration with Street Fight, Gleanster Research surveyed 1,536 marketers in 11 key industries (CPG, Energy, Financial Services, Hardware, High Tech, Insurance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Software, Telecom and Entertainment Delivery) at US corporate brands, with over $250M in annual revenue and local business owners who participate in co-op and MDF programs to produce: The State of Co-op and MDF.

In this report Gleanster Research uncovers:

  •  83% of brand marketers believe MDF and co-op programs have an impact on annual sales.
  •  What brand marketers feel the biggest impediment to program success are.
  •  What percentages of specific media tactics are brands and local business investing in?
  •  Why brand marketers and local business owners (channel partners) aren’t on the same page concerning program effectiveness, challenges, and value.

Learn how brand marketers can identify, and prioritize strategic investments in managing and executing co-op and MDF Programs for a measurable and optimal return on investment.


About the Author
SproutLoud is an innovative marketing technology company that is disrupting conventional Channel Marketing strategy. Our SaaS-based Channel Marketing Automation Platform delivers the software, service and support Brands need to more successfully sell their products through Local Partners. SproutLoud has one mission: Make Channel Marketing work better. We accomplish this by simplifying campaign execution, amplifying the power of your marketing spend with Intelligent Co-Op Funds Management, and accelerating Local Channel Sales.