4 Rules to Superb Customer Support


Clients First. That is our number one core value.

We always put our clients’ interests before our own, and each member of our professionals constantly evaluates how we can serve our clients better.

Here at SproutLoud, our Marketing Assistants and their caring demeanor mean the world to us, and it’s not just because they wear rad super hero shirts every other Friday. That’s just an added benefit you don’t get to see behind those telephones.

You may think I’m bias because I first started at SproutLoud as a Marketing Assistant. But don’t take my word for it, according to ZenDesk, our help desk software provider, in the last 30 days SproutLoud’s average Satisfaction Rating is at a near perfect 99% while the Marketing & Advertising Industry average is at 80%. It just might have to do with the fact our average time is at 7.1 hours for first reply while the Industry average is at 23 hours – almost an entire day! Over 50% of our tickets are responded in less than an hour. You’re probably thinking, how refreshing.

Enough with the bragging – let’s deliver some rules to superb customer support.

Respond to Customers ASAP.

The customer reached out to you for a reason – they want to hear back from you, and in today’s world that means right now. Don’t procrastinate because it’s difficult, you will have to deal with it anyway. I just ask one thing of you – please do a little research before reaching out to your customer. It typically takes 5 minutes to look into their account history, get background knowledge and be on the same page as the customer to assist their inquiry. If you run into any trouble, don’t be afraid to let them know what you will do to find the answer and when you will get back to them. Make it realistic, and follow up with where you are at and why if the timeline changes. Don’t have time this moment? Ask for a time that works best for the customer to give quality support.

Listen to Your Customers.

It is important to really listen to what your customer is saying. You will just waste time if you make an assumption of your customer’s problem before they get the chance to explain it. Ask clarification questions to assure a clear understanding and repeat back to the customer what they said so they know you truly understand their issue. Every customer is an individual, different in many ways; treat them that way – like a real person, because they are.

Take the Extra Step.

Taking the extra step is worth every effort! If you leave the customer wondering or with unanswered questions they will just be back for more. On the wall of our Marketing Assistant department hangs a sign with the famous quote “Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime.” We take that concept and apply it every day. For example, we are always happy to do a screen share with our customers and walk them through each step to teach them our application.

End the Conversation on a Good Note.

Smile. It can be heard through a simple phone call. Always make the customer happy, even no answer can be ended on a good note – “I’m glad you called us and now I better understand your troubles. As soon as we hang up I will reach out to make sure we find a solution that fits your needs. I appreciate your time today and look forward to speaking to you tomorrow around noon. In the meantime, I hope you have a wonderful day!” Just make sure to keep your promise.

With these easy rules, your customer will always be leaving with a smile.

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