SproutLoud Terms of Use – Event Services

All SproutLoud Event Services shall be governed by the End User Terms of Use Agreement found here http://www.sproutloud.com/legal/terms as previously agreed upon by SproutLoud Media Networks, LLC (“SproutLoud”) and the undersigned Customer (“You”).
All Event Services are provided to you by SproutLoud under the following terms and conditions.

You agree to the following:

  •  You authorize “SproutLoud” (hereafter, describing both SproutLoud and/or its authorized vendors) to assist you with order placement, scheduling, creative customization, and payment processing as necessary with your Event Vendor (“Event Services”).
  • You may authorize SproutLoud to work with your Vendor under the terms of an Order Form provided to you by SproutLoud.
  • You accept responsibility for any and all mall and event orders you place with SproutLoud. In the event a Vendor requires a contract, You agree to directly contract with Your Event Vendor for associated services, which may be facilitated by SproutLoud through an Order Form. Please read your Event Vendor’s terms and conditions carefully, as SproutLoud will not be a Party to any agreement between You and Your Event Vendor.
  • You acknowledge SproutLoud’s requirement for your Event Vendor to execute each Order Form.
  • You appoint SproutLoud to provide all payments to your Event Vendor on your behalf for any Event Services placed through SproutLoud. SproutLoud will collect Co-Op and/or MDF from your Network Sponsor, as well as any remaining balance from You directly, to make such payments. These payments do not make SproutLoud the purchaser of Event Services You order.
  • Some Event Vendors may require a Certificate of Insurance (COI) in order to participate. You will be responsible for holding adequate coverage and furnishing proof of insurance per the terms of any agreement executed between you and your Event Vendor. You may be required to purchase temporary insurance for the event to avoid denial of placement at the event. SproutLoud will not be responsible for any Event Services disruptions should You be found out of insurance compliance.
  • SproutLoud is not responsible for the performance of any venue or Vendor relative to their mutually approved obligations to You. SproutLoud is not responsible for any representations or warranties any Event Vendor may make to You directly.
  • SproutLoud is not responsible for Your performance at an Event, Your adherence to related policies and ordinances, or Your obligations to Event Providers. SproutLoud is not responsible for any representations or warranties You have made to an Event or Event Provider directly.
  • You authorize SproutLoud to show proof of any and all Agreements between You and SproutLoud in connection with these Event Services. You authorize SproutLoud to share the credit information submitted by You on a SproutLoud Credit Application with Event Vendors, including but not limited to trade and bank references as necessary. You further acknowledge that Event Vendor may run business and/or personal credit and background checks to determine creditworthiness, and that insufficient or unsatisfactory credit may preclude order placement or require alternative payment approaches (e.g. cash in advance) when necessary.
  • In the event You default under Your obligations in any Order Form with Your Event Vendor, You indemnify SproutLoud.
  • You understand SproutLoud is not acting as an agent on Your behalf, and SproutLoud does not make any purchase of Event Services for You. SproutLoud performs Event Services with respect to Your Orders and is acting at Your direction.

For One-Time (Single) Orders:

  • You authorize SproutLoud to deduct the maximum amount of co-op available to You that You have associated with Your Order Forms. You also authorize SproutLoud to charge Your credit card for any remaining balance, so that SproutLoud can pay the Event or Mall Vendor directly on Your behalf.

For Ongoing (Monthly, Annual or Open-Ended) Orders, Or Events/Malls Requiring Multiple Payments:

  • In the event of an ongoing buy, You authorize SproutLoud to deduct the maximum co-op amounts available to You by Your Network Sponsor in order to minimize any amounts You owe directly. You are making commitments to Your Event or Mall Vendor regardless of the co-op amounts that may or may not be available, and You are exclusively liable as such.
  • You understand and authorize the need for ongoing payments and associated processing according to Event or Mall Vendor payment policies and associated obligations.
  • You are committing to the entire term identified in any Order Form your sign. If You terminate Your SproutLoud Account or any Order Form prior to the expiration of term completion, You authorize SproutLoud to charge You for any remaining amounts due to the Event or Mall Vendor. I understand that the Event or Mall Vendor may have cancellation policies, which, if applicable, will be outlined in the attached terms and conditions of the Order Form.