Partner Marketing Transformation: 4 Steps to Reduce OpEx and Improve Results

Are you sick of getting grilled by finance and your executive leadership on the value of Co-Op Marketing campaigns? Most Channel Marketers hate the uncomfortable budget questions that come up and you rarely have the answers to:

  • Is Co-Op Marketing the best use of our OpEx Budget?
  • How do we know our investments in Co-Op are driving revenue and sales?
  • How do we measure the success of Co-Op against other forms of marketing?
  • How do we know our Partners are spending Co-Op on the right things?

If you don’t have simple, statistics-based answers to these questions then you need to read our latest eBook: Partner Marketing Transformation: 4 Steps to Reduce OpEx and Improve Results. In this eBook, you wil learn:

  • How to use the cloud to reduce Co-Op claims processing fees by up to 50%
  • How new technology is disrupting the entire claims process while eliminating fraud
  • How to reduce OpEx by eliminating incompatible systems and manual processes
  • How to get comprehensive analytics by centralizing Co-Op operations in a single platform

The new mantra for Distributed Marketing organizations everywhere is:

We Will Measure the Performance of Co-Op Like Every Other Budget.

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