Why You Need to Take a Deep Dive into Your Integrated Marketing Data

New website content posted…check. PPC ads and landing pages launched…check. You’ve implemented your marketing campaign with an integrated marketing software system and it’s been a few weeks…now what? No time for relaxation. It’s time to suit up and take a deep dive into the vast sea of marketing data. Does this mean that you need to spend infinite hours analyzing your data each week? Nope, but you need to start somewhere. Here are some basic reasons why you need to analyze and understand your campaign’s data.

  • See What’s Working & What’s Broken: How are your customers engaging with you? How did landing page A perform against landing page B? How many leads did you get from email campaign C versus D? Whether you use Google analytics or some other method, your data will show you what you’re doing right or what you need to stop doing.
  • Expose New Opportunities: You’ve launched a keyword blitz campaign for the month and after plunging into the data, you see more leads coming in the door due to three other keywords that were not on your list. Now’s the time to adjust your plan of action and create more content and offers with those keywords.
  • Establish Benchmarks: Based on what’s working, what’s not and any new discoveries you have made along the way, now is the time to create a point of reference so you can compare the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns year-over-year, month-over-month, or whatever you decide. Not only do you need to do this for your company, but you also need to see where you stack up against competitors.

Once you have a good understanding of the marketing data, you can identify wins, deficiencies and trends, adjust your strategies and tactics, and optimize your processes. Close the loop between your efforts and their results to make sure marketing dollars are being used in the right places to bring in more leads and generate more sales.


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