Why a Marketing Concierge® Program is a Must for Your Local Marketing

Every local market is unique and has its own peculiarities, challenges and needs. Although listening and reaching out to your partner network helps, providing them with customizable and scalable marketing solutions, along with dedicated support and training, will demonstrate that you’re truly focused on their individual needs. A Marketing Concierge program equips your partners to market your brand as it gives them resources to address their small business needs. Such a program provides a way for partners to execute local marketing activities by engaging with them in a clear and straightforward way. In turn, they build your brand by engaging with your customers in a very special way.

Through a Marketing Concierge® program, you provide partners with a set of marketing tactics and programs designed with them in mind. This essentially creates a marketing menu from which they pick and choose what works best for them, whether that be email, local or paid search, social media, print or direct mail. A local marketing coordinator (LMC) can train them on what to do, or more importantly, do the work for them.

How does a Marketing Concierge program help partners?

A Marketing Concierge program benefits partners because it provides:

Options: Small businesses often operate as their own marketing departments.  A concierge program provides options, not packages, so they create their own marketing experience. This isn’t an “every shoe fits” solution to marketing. Instead, it allows your partners to have not just a variety of tactics to use, but also a better understanding of how to use them.

– Cost savings: By offering marketing funds to apply to the tactics available through the program, you give your partners an even greater incentive to enroll and receive guidance on their local marketing. More importantly, you’re helping them offset the marketing costs involved in marketing your brand.

– Execution: One big benefit of a Marketing Concierge program is that the LMC not only gives strategic local marketing guidance, but also executes some of this strategy on your partners’ behalf. This means your partners can continue to market your brand while attending to the day-to-day operations of building their customer base.

– Leadership: Having a concierge program demonstrates your willingness and trust in your partners by allowing them to act with semi-autonomy in choosing the direction of their marketing efforts. You lead by providing the options, and they follow because they choose the ones that work for them and are already brand-approved. This results in faster speed-to-market in getting your messages out

How does a Marketing Concierge program help you?

While a Marketing Concierge program involves one-on-one interaction between your partners and the LMCs, it also provides you, the brand marketer, with some indispensable benefits. What are they?

– Greater engagement: A concierge system will engage your partners by giving them your resources and dedicated LMCs that respond to their individual needs. Because the LMCs guide them on their local marketing, partners are more engaged because they have some control in how they market your brand and build their business.

– Cost savings: Providing a wide selection of pre-approved brand marketing tactics from one marketing platform means you don’t have to invest in multiple point solutions to facilitate your marketing. You have flexibility in offering varying amounts of funding from covering the entire spend, to tiered percentages. This provides the brand with a greater ability to influence the partners on how the brand wants the marketing done at the local level. The higher the funding sponsorship, the greater the influence the brand has and the higher the adoption into these programs can occur.

– Consistency: The tactics you offer in this program are ones that carry a consistent brand message while allowing partners to add their local business information and other customized content. This type of co-branding is powerful for building a local customer base.

– Trackability: By seeing which tactics are most popular with your partner network, you can see what works and doesn’t work for your brand. This will help you make better local marketing decisions in the future.

A well-designed and well-executed market concierge program can be a great benefit to you and your local partners — provided they have the right options and the right support along the way. Make their experience with your brand a positive and unforgettable one! Contact us to find out more about what a Marketing Concierge program can do for you.

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