Who’s on Your List

So you’ve developed a marketing plan and some materials… Now what? Sure, you know what your target audience is, but who are those people and how do you reach them? It’s simple – go to your list. Don’t have one? Not a problem! Start with the people you know, and who know you – your existing customers.

How do you create a list?

To get started, you can create a form on your website, leave sign-up sheets in your store or buy a list from a list-broker. No matter which way you gather your data, it’s important that you communicate to the people providing their information that they will be receiving promotions from your brand.

What information do you need?

It depends, what information is important to you? Obviously you need a name and contact information. If you are planning on sending direct mail, then you need a full address. If you are sending email, then you need an email address and indication that the person has opted in to receive promotional messages. When collecting data you can also ask a few questions to better target your information – things like age, gender, income and buying trends will help you segment your lists to send more relevant offers.

Why is list management important?

In order to get the maximum return on investment, make sure that you are sending to the correct person at the correct location. Pay attention to returned mail or bounced emails – these records should be updated or removed to keep your list clean, healthy and effective.  And always remember, it’s better to have a smaller list of engaged customers than a larger list of people who don’t want to hear from you.


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