Strengthen Brand Campaigns with Integrated Marketing Software

Integrated Marketing is more than marketing on multiple channels like direct mail, email, paid search and social media. In today’s fragmented market, audiences are easily distracted, use multiple devices or have turned a deaf ear to advertisements. Due to these reasons, in addition to marketing on multiple channels, it is important for marketers to keep brand messaging consistent throughout all of those channels.

The user experience throughout all of a brand’s marketing touchpoints should be consistent and seamless across all channels and devices, as users don’t complete an activity in one sitting or through one device anymore. Consumers may get interrupted and need to return to your direct mail piece, Facebook page or email at a later time. Target audiences may receive a catalog in the mail, and then see display ads from the same brand, prompting recall of the received catalog.

Your brand’s message should be consistent across all media so that the user experience is familiar and expected. Focus on the big picture. What is the number one goal you’d like a prospect or customer to complete? This should be your message’s call to action and it should be consistent across all media.

Brands can streamline messaging and maintain brand consistency through channel partners and across all media with a centralized integrated marketing platform. Through a centralized platform, marketing managers can leverage existing assets from traditional media to online campaigns like display ads and social media for additional visibility, leads and sales.

If executed properly, integrated marketing strategies can lift overall sales or leads for a brand through increased messaging to targeted audiences. With the help of integrated marketing software, brand managers can make this process simple and scalable for channel partners.


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