One Key Tip to Keep Your Art Designs Versatile

Designing for different types of media doesn’t have to be a headache. All it takes is a little planning and an idea of how your designs will be used (ads, posters, direct mail, etc). A single file created using layers and groups can make your designs extremely flexible and easy to manipulate. Doing so can save you lots of time, effort and frustration. It will also add money to your pocket!

Today’s design and layout programs make creating versatile documents easier than ever. Layers have been around for a long time now, starting with Photoshop 4 back in 1994. However, you might be surprised how many designers fail to utilize them. Not long after the introduction of layers, other programs began to follow suit. Today’s design and layout programs such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and QuarkXPress can import Photoshop files (.psd) directly into your layout(s).

PSD files can contain numerous layers and groups which allows the designer to change any element in a moment’s notice. The value of such a powerful tool cannot be overstated. You can take a file originally designed for a full page magazine ad and turn it into a bus bench advertisement in a matter of minutes, versus hours if set up without utilizing layers. Completed designs can be grouped together and stored within the document. The designer can create as many layouts as needed within one document. Imagine not having to search for a version of the file you saved somewhere on your computer or server. It’s all right there within the same file! So next time you start a new design project, take a little time to plan your output requirements, get creative and most importantly, HAVE FUN!


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