4 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Local Marketing Software

You finally did it. You made the leap and found the perfect Local Marketing Software for your organization. Now the possibilities for customizing your brand’s marketing efforts for each of your locations are only limited by your company’s creativity. If you haven’t set up all the possibilities, it might be time to take that deep dive into the software and its execution.

Here are four ways to make the most out of your Local Marketing Software.

  1. Train Your Network

You’ve created a great opportunity for your network of locations, but don’t expect they will self-teach themselves all of the functions and features on their own. Even if the platform is easy to use, create a corporate training guide and demonstrate the software at your next annual gathering. It is also important to hold ongoing webinars to show how to use their Local Marketing Software to its full potential. Teach them the software and how to implement it to the benefit of their specific location, for example teaching them about providing engaging content to create a connection with potential buyers.

  1. Locating Your Target Market

Everyone understands that knowing your target audience is one of the essential first steps of marketing. However, do your network members really understand how impactful it is for them to find their specific, local target market? In your annual gathering or training guide, corporate can describe who the target market is for the brand but what they can’t easily tell each network is where these target markets abide and who the sub-niche target market is for their specific location. Make sure to guide your network members on how to find their local target market before they aimlessly market themselves and show them how to customize and personalize their marketing communications.

  1. Automate Your Marketing

Marketing automation is very popular right now because of the time and money it saves many companies. There are many features out there, for example, SproutLoud has Data Triggered Programs, Automated Marketing Programs and Triggered Communications. Each of these programs offer your network members the option to run their marketing communication efforts automatically, whether you it based on customers actions or dates and if it’s through digital (email), traditional (direct mail), or social (Facebook / Twitter). Once set up, either controlled by the brand or the network member, these options make it easy to market locally. Take a deep breath, you can literally set it up and forget about it – your marketing communications will still be running.

  1. Reporting You Can Use

Local Marketing Software has reporting options for a reason – it is widely understood how vital it is to spend each dollar you have as effectively as possible. You want to measure, manage and analyze the marketing performance of your campaigns or programs and their respective results. Marketing analytics really help both corporate and network members to better understand what has happened and how each could become more profitable in their future decisions. The goal is to optimize your return on investment both at the brand level and local level. It is also essential for corporate to generate reports that detail their network members’ behavior in addition to the campaign performance.

Make all these improvements and mark in your calendar a year down the road to check to see how your performance and utilization of your Local Marketing Software has changed. It just may surprise you!


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