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SproutLoud is the leading Distributed Marketing Platform for ease of use and a proven record of measurable results

SproutLoud reduces marketing operating expenses and flawlessly executes local marketing through 100+ best-in-breed vertically aligned marketing vendors.

SproutLoud’s seamless, end-to-end workflows make it easy for local dealers to use in-platform Co-Op Marketing Funds to subsidize local marketing costs and to track campaign performance for better insight, better decisions and better results.

SproutLoud offers innovative funding options for multi-location dealer marketing. Opting for instant co-pay eliminates the need for dealers to submit Co-Op Marketing claims. Choosing advanced claims and reimbursement offers cost-savings over traditional processes. Or, companies can offer both options, instant co-pay and advanced claims and reimbursement, with SproutLoud’s patented Change Management system that mitigates any risk or disruption to the dealer network.

SproutLoud makes it easy for dealers to execute brand compliant local marketing that aligns to national messaging and promotions, while delivering unprecedented insight on local marketing performance and lead gen.

SproutLoud makes opting in to Digital Marketing Programs as easy as online shopping, so dealers can execute at a hyperlocal microbudget level, with Co-Op funds, co-branded messaging, and local calls to action.

SproutLoud lets you see every action, execution and marketing activity in the platform, making it easy to connect the dots from local marketing to lead gen results for better insight on campaign performance, dealer engagement and platform usage.