The Next Evolution of Channel Marketing

SproutLoud’s SaaS-based Channel Marketing Automation Platform gives Brands and Partners a single solution to execute comprehensive distributed marketing campaigns.

Through-Channel Marketing Automation Software

If your Brand executes distributed marketing campaigns through Local Partners, you are probably more than familiar with the complexities and frustrations that impede great sales performance:

  • Ads are customized incorrectly.
  • Brand marketing is overwhelmed with complicated processes and vendor management.
  • Co-Op funds are wasted on ineffective tactics or fraud.
  • Partners don’t launch campaigns with the right cadence or frequency.
  • Local execution falters because Partners choose outdated tactics or the wrong vendors.
  • Meaningful insight is dispersed across thousands of executions.

At SproutLoud, we have dedicated ourselves to reverse-engineering every function of the Channel Marketing process so we can take the cost and complexity out of it. The result is the best Through-Channel Marketing Automation solution in the market to help brands simplify campaign execution, amplify the power of their marketing spend and accelerate local Channel Sales.

SproutLoud Studio

The next evolution of Digital Asset Management (DAM) or Ad Builder technology is SproutLoud Studio. SproutLoud Studio takes the Brand’s creative assets and transforms them into highly dynamic templates that can be customized by Partners according to preconfigured Brand guidelines.

SproutLoud LaunchPad

SproutLoud LaunchPad provides a simple-to-use, cloud-based console for Brand marketers to select, fund and distribute virtually every marketing campaign tactic immediately to thousands of Local Partners.

SproutPay Instant Funding

The next evolution of Co-Op is SproutPay Instant Funding. SproutPay allows Brands to attach funding directly to Brand-compliant marketing campaign tactics. When a Partner selects a partially Brand-funded tactic — using SproutPay — both the Brand’s funds and the Partner’s funds are applied instantly through the SproutLoud Platform. All SproutPay tactics are automatically routed for fulfillment through SproutLoud’s Marketing Service Provider ecosystem. This eliminates subpar execution and provides analytics on every dollar spent. If a Brand needs a more gradual transition, then SproutLoud can mirror the Brand’s existing Co-Op program exactly as is on our Platform and still save the Brand 50 percent on the cost of reimbursement claims processing. Then, the Brand can choose to gradually introduce SproutPay to its Partners.

Partner Portal

The Partner Portal centralizes all campaigns in a single portal that Partners can access from any browser. They can easily search the software by campaign type or funding offer and then select, subscribe and execute campaigns with ease.

Automated Campaign Execution

Automated Campaign Execution (ACE) fulfills all Partner marketing orders through SproutLoud’s Marketing Service Provider ecosystem. This means they can spend spend less time marketing and more time selling.

SproutLoud Analytics

SproutLoud Analytics gives Brands and Partners in-depth performance reporting on every tactic executed. Since all campaigns are centralized through the SproutLoud Platform, Brands can analyze individual tactics across their entire Partner ecosystem and even compare the effectiveness of messages in market.

The Next Evolution of Service and Support

Our software is backed by Brand Marketing Support, Local Marketing Coordinators, integrated Marketing Service Providers and Hyper-Local Media Buying. This comprehensive support ensures your Brand gets maximum value from SproutLoud’s Through-Channel Automation solution.

Technology Focused on Creating Value for our Customers


SproutLoud Channel Marketing Platform is a SaaS-based portal that requires no data center footprint, limited IT support and no seat licenses.  Our software is SOC 2, PCI/DSS, Visa, and HIPAA compliant — built for security, resiliency and redundancy to guarantee 99.5 percent uptime.  SproutLoud is SSAE 16 SOC 1 compliant technology built on a single code stack, which means your Brand will benefit from all feature updates made across our entire customer base.