The OTT / CTV Evolution

What Advertisers Need to Know

With more consumers than ever watching YouTube and streaming content on apps like Hulu on their phones, iPads and Roku-ready TVs, US advertisers are taking note. This year’s US video advertising spend is projected to exceed $5 billion, in order to capture crucial moments of attention from OTT (over the top) and CTV (connected TV) subscribers.

Video advertising is changing. Fast. Today, video ads can zoom in on preferred neighborhoods, households and even specific devices to target ad messages to the right audience at the right time. In this webinar, Simpli.fi and SproutLoud share insight about  OTT/CTV video advertising and what you need to know to compete and win in local markets.

Presented by:
Gary Ritkes


David Lovell

Head of Sales Southeast

Ramon Brayan

Director of Sales, Southeast

Watch the Webinar: