Webinar On-Demand: The Co-Op Revolution

The process of Co-Op Claims and Reimbursement is so broken that Channel Partners only use about 50 percent of the $70 billion Brands invest each year in Co-Operative Advertising programs. It’s time-consuming and frustrating for Partners to get ads approved, manage local vendors and wait weeks for reimbursement checks. And it also makes them think twice about participating in Co-Op Advertising. But new innovations in Intelligent Funds Management allow Brands to give Partners instant access to Co-Op dollars while eliminating the opportunity for fraud.

Learn why Instant Funding is changing the way major Brands think about their Go-to-Market strategy. The webinar will focus on how to:

  • Identify the Major Failure Points in Co-Op Funding
  • Leverage Expert Change Management
  • Increase Partner Participation
  • Drive Adoption of New Digital Tactics
  • Eliminate Fraud