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How to Scale for Search Through Your Channel Partners

Imagine one of your potential customers reaches a buying decision, looks up your brand product and gets an immediate response from Siri, Alexa or Google about one of your local channel partner locations — but the information is wrong.

Losing one sale is bad enough. But what company would risk losing sales opportunities like that across the 75 percent of American households that will have at least one smart speaker by 2020?

“So many brands out there rely on small businesses to carry their message out to consumers. But for a small business, it can be a cumbersome process to figure out how to be found online and how to engage with consumers,” said Brooke Henderson, Yext’s senior director of Strategic Partnership Growth. “Think about it this way: Do your channel partners know how to get their data to Alexa or Google maps? And if they did, would they even have time to do that?


Presented by:


Yext Senior Director
Strategic Partnership Growth


SproutLoud President
and Managing Partner


Get the answers brands and their channel partners need to know, so they can flawlessly execute at scale in a Distributed Marketing environment, with a network of hundreds or thousands of local resellers.


This webinar will cover:


The Customer Journey Starts with a Question: Search engines are re-training us to ask for what we want and to expect a direct answer.

Upside Down Websites: Today’s consumers aren’t starting with your website’s homepage. They’re connecting through location pages, people and jobs. If you don’t answer your consumers’ questions, you risk Google being your new homepage.

Your Brand is Everywhere: Technology drives consumer behavior — so you need to ensure that your brand is represented everywhere.

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