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Highlights of Addressable Targeting

Addressable Targeting is a topic that’s getting a lot of traction in Ad Tech. It’s a marketing method that allows advertisers to deliver brand messages to precisely curated audiences, based on hyper-targeted data, including: household demographics, politics, economic variables, zip codes, cities and metro areas, congressional districts and more.

This webinar covers:

  • Building totally custom audiences
  • Using exclusions to eliminate wasted impressions
  • The elimination of DMA, radius and zip code restrictions
  • Measuring online and offline conversions
  • The value of a unified identity graph
  • Real time optimization

In this webinar, SproutLoud President Gary Ritkes and Guest Presenter David McBee share insight about how your business can reach hyper-targeted audiences, so you can ultimately increase traffic, leads and sales. David McBee has been sharing his knowledge with local businesses since 2003. As one of Google’s first Certified AdWords Trainers, David has worked in the fields of SEO, paid search, social media, and display advertising. He speaks to thousands of business owners each year about the latest trend in marketing technology, including Addressable Targeting and geo-fencing. 

Webinar Moderator
Gary Ritkes


Guest Presenter
David McBee

Internet marketing speaker,
educator and consultant

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