Save Time and Money, and Get Best-in-Class Results

There are nearly twice as many marketing technology vendors this year compared to last year — almost 4,000 vendors, in fact, offering services in about 50 categories, according to a recent Supergraphic by This presents a significant challenge for Brands:

  • Brands must vet multiple vendors to find the best combination of pricing and capability.
  • Then, Brands spend time and money on the day-to-day management of these vendors.
  • There is an IT cost for integrating or installing software.
  • Each vendor has different requirements on how campaign assets must be formatted for use in their system.

All of this drives up OpEx and slows down execution. SproutLoud takes a very different approach — focused on saving Brands time and money, while optimizing quality and results.

SproutLoud’s Marketing Service Provider (MSP) ecosystem is a collection of over 40 best-in-class vendors that can do everything from Digital Advertising (Organic, Paid Search, Social Media Ads, etc.) to Traditional (Direct Mail, Newspaper Ads, Collateral Fulfillment, etc.).

How It Works

Brands and their Partners no longer have to deal with the expense and headaches involved in the time-consuming process of vendor management, because SproutLoud does the heavy lifting for you.

  • Vetting: SproutLoud carefully vets MSPs based on their innovative capabilities and their track record of success.
  • Monitoring: We monitor monthly performance scorecards and conduct quarterly business reviews with each MSP.
  • Evaluating: We constantly evaluate new vendors that enter the market to ensure that Brands have the best services available.
  • Integrating: MSPs are integrated into our SproutLoud Platform, so routing campaign execution is automatic.

In the past year, SproutLoud executed a quarter million local marketing campaigns for our Brands and their Partners. With that kind of volume, SproutLoud gets volume pricing. And we pass that cost-savings along to Brands and Partners, who receive better execution costs for every campaign they execute.

Benefits of Our MSP Program

  • No more vendor management hassles for Brands or their Partners.
  • Brands and their Partners save money on campaign execution.
  • Brands and their Partners receive quality results and Brand-compliant consistency on every campaign executed.
  • Working with a centralized group of best-in-class vendors gives Brands relevant and timely performance reporting with SproutLoud Analytics.
  • Brands maintain flexibility and control: If a Brand prefers another vendor, we can easily integrate that vendor into our MSP program.