Local Websites
Co-branded Local Websites make it easy for a customer to find a Local Partner when searching for the Brand’s products or services.

Landing Pages (Microsites)
Custom Landing Pages drive higher engagement for special in-market promotions or events.

Paid Search (PPC)
SproutLoud’s Bid Management and Automation simplifies Paid Search campaigns on Google, Facebook, Bing and other display networks. Sophisticated real-time bidding algorithms deliver exceptional return on investment based on local campaign goals.

Directory Listings Management
Ensure that your Local Partners’ contact information (address, phone number, fax number, website, etc.) are highly ranked by search engine algorithms  with “Set-It-and-Forget-It” Directory Listings Management.

Reputation Management
Easily monitor and receive real-time alerts about what customers are saying about your Local Partners and your Brand across review sites and social media.

Dynamic Local Display Ads
Dynamic Local Display (DLD) Campaigns are Digital Display Banner ads with localized messaging, hyper-location targeting down to the ZIP code level, and local-audience profiling across multiple ad exchanges with premium Local Websites.

Local Video Advertising
Video in-stream ads are watched on YouTube, Google Display and Social Media sites. They run on desktop, mobile, web and apps.

Social Media Content Syndication
Partners enroll once to publish your Brand’s Social Media Content through all of your Partners’ Facebook and Twitter accounts in real-time. Localized Social Media posts can also be scheduled on behalf of your Partners.

Paid Social Advertising
With Social Media Ads customers can get directions to a store, take an action on a website, drive form fill leads, view videos, or call businesses directly to drive sales and more.

Email Marketing
Provide your Partners with email templates that they can co-brand and send directly through the SproutLoud Platform. Integrated campaign analytics allow Partners to track customer engagement.

Acquisition Email
Increase frequent communication with potential customers in a relatively inexpensive way with Acquisition Email.

Data-Match Retargeting
Supplement Direct Mail Acquisition and/or Email Marketing Campaigns with online Dynamic Local Display Ads for only pennies more per record to increase response rates. Recipients view advertising messages online and offline for increased awareness and recall.

Digital Radio
Digital Radio advertising is a cost-effective way to get your message in front of the millions of people that utilize streaming radio services, like Pandora.