Making Channel Marketing Simple and More Effective

Technology is at the core of SproutLoud’s Channel Marketing revolution. But years of exceptional performance have taught us that support is a crucial requirement to help solve key challenges:

  • Brand marketers must align campaign tactics with the customer’s journey from awareness to consideration to decision.
  • Local Partners are not experts at modern marketing.
  • Media buying at the local level is time consuming and fraught with problems.
  • Brands rarely have a local strategy that complements their national strategy.

SproutLoud’s mission is to make Channel Marketing simple and more effective. To this end, we have created a comprehensive set of service offerings that enable Brands and Partners to simplify campaign execution, amplify the power of marketing investments and accelerate local Channel Sales.

SproutLoud Service and Support

SproutLoud Service and Support offerings drive exceptional performance across every facet of the Through-Channel Marketing Automation landscape.

Brand Marketing Support

During SproutLoud’s in-depth implementation and discovery process, our Brand support team of Client Relationship Managers (CRMs) is dedicated to each Brand we serve. These CRMs own the relationship with the Brand from implementation to deployment to day-to-day operations. They understand the Brand’s goals, strategies and preferences. From training on the Platform to strategic guidance, SproutLoud provides the expert support needed to optimize marketing programs.

Local Marketing Coordinators

While your Channel Partners are great at selling your products, they may not be experts in marketing. SproutLoud’s Local Marketing Coordinators (LMCs) take the pressure off your Partners by providing white-glove concierge support for all their marketing needs. LMCs enroll Channel Partners in the SproutLoud Platform and train them on every aspect of the Platform.

Hyper-Local Media Buying

When it is time to execute a campaign, SproutLoud’s Local Marketing Coordinators can handle last-mile execution as needed. This includes SproutLoud’s Hyper-Local Media Buying service, which covers the time-intensive work of placing Newspaper, TV, Radio and Outdoor Ads on the Partner’s behalf. In 2016 alone, Partners will rely on SproutLoud to purchase about 8,500 media buys that range anywhere from major newspaper insertions to TV spots on local stations.

Strategic Consulting

Building a comprehensive local marketing strategy is highly nuanced when dealing with dispersed Partners, diverse regions and ever-changing marketing tactics. In our 10 years of success, SproutLoud has executed hundreds of thousands of local campaigns. The guidance we offer Brands stems from our extensive experience and expertise in Channel Marketing. We have developed an in-depth implementation and consulting service to help your Brand effectively translate national campaigns into local marketing tactics.