Leveraging Localization

Leveraging Localization

There is no more time-consuming process for a Channel Partner than placing Newspaper, Radio and TV Ads. From customizing assets to meet Brand guidelines to negotiating with media outlets who may not be giving them the best price — media buying takes days away from Partners that should be focused on running their business and selling Brand products.

SproutLoud’s Media Buying service can alleviate the cumbersome administrative work associated with purchasing local advertising and get Partners a better price for most media executions.

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How Hyper-local media buying works

How It Works

  • Simple selection: Your Partner selects a Local Media Buy among the campaign tactics in Partner Portal.
  • Automated funding: With SproutPay, both the Brand’s funds and the Partner’s funds are applied instantly.
  • Simplified orders: Then, the order is routed to SproutLoud’s Local Media Buying team.


  • Convenient: SproutLoud handles all the administrative work involved in Media Buying.
  • Save money: Partners save money, because SproutLoud negotiates to get the best price.
  • Save time: Partners save time, so they can focus on running their businesses.
  • Free from fraud: Eliminate instances of fraud, buying inferior air time or overpaying, because all Media Buys are placed by SproutLoud’s expert team.

In 2016 alone, Partners relied on SproutLoud Media Buyers to purchase thousands of media buys per month that range anywhere from major newspaper insertions to TV spots on local stations. Brands and their Partners trust SproutLoud to handle their local advertising.

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