White-glove Concierge Support for Your Partners

While your Channel Partners are great at building relationships with customers and selling your products, they may not be experts in marketing.

SproutLoud’s Local Marketing Coordinators (LMCs) take the pressure off your Partners by providing white-glove concierge support for all their marketing needs. Channel Partners turn to SproutLoud’s LMCs more than 25,000 times a month to help them plan and execute Brand marketing campaigns.

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How it Works

How It Works

SproutLoud’s LMC support begins with proactive outreach to Partners from the start:

  • We proactively enroll and onboard your Channel Partners in the SproutLoud Platform.
  • We conduct a Digital Diagnostics analysis, which shows how their digitial presence across Listings, Reputation Management, Social, Website Content and many other factors are affecting their sales results.
  • We provide ongoing strategic guidance to Partners, explaining the most effective campaign tactics for their business.
  • We provide and review performance reporting with Channel Partners, enabling them to make more informed, strategic decisions about where to invest their marketing dollars.
  • We even handle last-mile execution when needed, including our Hyper-Local Media Buying service for the placement of Newspaper, TV, Radio and Outdoor Ads on the Partner’s behalf.

In 2016 alone, Partners relied on SproutLoud LMCs to purchase thousands of media buys per month that ranged anywhere from major newspaper insertions to TV spots on local stations.

Benefits of Support for Local Partners

Benefits of Support for Local Partners

  • SproutLoud’s LMCs reduce the behind-the-scenes time it takes Partners to launch and manage local marketing campaigns.
  • With training and on-going strategic guidance, Partner participation in Brand campaigns increases.
  • Your Partners spend less time marketing and more time doing what they do best: selling.

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