Localization of Brand Campaigns

Customizing Brand campaigns and making them relevant for the local market can be challenging for Partners. Whether it’s a Newspaper Ad or Social Media, your Local Partners need to add their location, contact information and logo to drive leads and increase sales.

This localization process can create manual work and agency fees for both Partners and the Brand. Localization takes a lot of time, drives up OpEx and slows down speed to market.

We created SproutLoud Studio as a way to use Through-Channel Marketing Automation to basically circumvent the entire submission/approval process.

How It Works


  • Load assets: The Brand loads campaign assets into the SproutLoud Platform.
  • Choose tactics: The Brand specifies the tactics — from Digital to Direct Mail.
  • Dynamic templates: SproutLoud Studio creates dynamic templates for each asset.
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM): All approved templates are instantly visible in the cloud-based Partner Portal.
  • Ad Builder: Flexing technology gives Partners customization choices preconfigured by the Brand.
  • Execution: Once customized, campaigns are executed by our Marketing Service Provider ecosystem.

For the Brand, there are no more customization requests to review. This greatly reduces administrative work and allows your team to focus on customer-facing activities. For Partners, they get more campaigns into market quicker while spending less time in the back office and more time on the sales floor.

SproutLoud’s dynamic templating and SaaS-based asset distribution allows Brands and Partners to get more campaigns into market faster while lowering OpEx costs.