At the Center of Every Campaign is Money

The traditional Co-Op claims and reimbursement process creates a lot of pain for Brands and Partners. That is why only about 52 percent of the $70 billion that Brands annually allocate for Co-Op gets used. Co-Op is broken and needs to be fixed.

SproutPay Instant Funding

SproutPay is a disruptive new way of handling Co-Op Funds Management. SproutPay allows Brands to attach funds directly to preferred campaign tactics. Partners receive those funds — instantly — when they execute the campaign by applying their funds through the Platform. No approvals. No reimbursement checks. No fraud.  And best of all: No disruption when moving from Co-Op to SproutPay.

How It Works


  • Better tactics: Brands have greater influence to guide their Partners’ local marketing choices.
  • Quicker funding: Partners receive Brand funds instantly — no hassles, no delays.
  • Increased participation: Simplicity and no lag in reimbursement means more Partners participate.
  • No claims processing: No reimbursement processing means more budget for reaching customers.
  • More campaigns: Fewer out-of-pocket costs drive more campaigns into market.

Expert Change Management

Our team carefully manages every step of the transition by preparing your Brand and your Partners with in-depth training. When ready, your Brand can launch SproutPay on a few marketing tactics while keeping your traditional Co-Op reimbursement program available as well. Gradually, your Partners will naturally migrate to SproutPay because it is easy to use and provides funding instantly.

With lower operational expenses, no claims fees and more Partner participation, SproutPay Instant Funding changes the economics of Channel Marketing.