Reduce Vendor Sprawl and OpEx

Today’s saturated marketing atmosphere requires Brands to execute both digital and traditional campaigns through their Partners. Consequently, the number of vendors Brands are managing has grown significantly which drives up OpEx and decreases the total available budget for actual campaigns.

SproutLoud LaunchPad was built to help simplify campaign execution and reduce vendor sprawl.

LaunchPad is a SaaS-based Through-Channel Marketing Automation console for Brand marketers to create, fund and distribute campaigns to their Local Partners.

How It Works


  • Plan: Open LaunchPad from any browser and see all your campaign choices.
  • Select the assets: Choose from the Brand-compliant templates created by SproutLoud Studio.
  • Choose the tactics: Select digital or traditional tactics.
  • Pick the Partners: Choose Partners by type, location or focus area.
  • Fund and execute: Easily attach Co-Op or MDF funding to the tactics and launch.

LaunchPad is integrated with SproutLoud’s Marketing Service Provider ecosystem. Marketing Service Providers are the best-of-breed vendors for virtually every type of digital and traditional campaign tactic. This allows the Brand to reduce OpEx associated with vendor management and while ensuring exceptional local execution.

SproutLoud LaunchPad allows Brands to decrease vendor sprawl, reduce OpEx and get better performance from their local marketing campaigns.