Save Up to 50% on Co-Op

Only 52 percent of the $70 billion Brands invest in Co-Op programs is used each year. SproutLoud’s Intelligent Funds Management software allows Brands to use traditional Co-Op Claims and Reimbursements and save up to 50 percent on claims processing, or choose SproutPay Instant Funding and eliminate claims altogether.


Increase Partner Participation

With SproutPay Instant Funding, Brand funds and Partner funds are applied instantly when a Partner executes a tactic on the SproutLoud Platform.  All orders are auto-routed to best-in-class Marketing Service Providers.  No claims.  No reimbursements.  No sub-par execution.  No Fraud.


Get Real-Time Insight

Measuring success in a decentralized Channel Program has been next to impossible. By centralizing campaign execution in SproutLoud’s Through-Channel Marketing Automation Platform, Brands get in-depth analytics on the performance of their Channel Marketing spend.


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