Save up to 50% on Co-Op Increase partner participation Get real-time insight
Save up to 50% on Co-Op Increase partner participation Get real-time insight

Intelligent Funds Management

At the center of every Channel Marketing campaign is money. The sad truth is that only about 50 percent of the $70 billion Brands invest in Co-Op programs is utilized because the claims and reimbursement process is so broken. SproutLoud’s Intelligent Funds Management software allows Brands to easily attach funding directly to campaign assets in the Platform. Brands can select traditional Co-Op Claims and Reimbursement and save up to 50 percent on claims processing, or they can choose SproutPay Instant Funding and eliminate claims and fraud altogether. Performance reporting comes with every campaign, so Brands and Partners have the intelligence to guide their investment choices wisely. Amplify the power of your marketing spend with Intelligent Funds Management from SproutLoud.

SproutPay Instant Funding

SproutPay Instant Funding is the most disruptive technology in Co-Op which allows Brands to instantly provide funding to their Channel Partners while eliminating the risk of fraud or subpar execution. Brands attach SproutPay funds directly to the campaign asset. The Brand’s funds and the Partner’s funds are applied instantly as soon as the Partner selects campaign. No claims. No reimbursements. No waiting. Because all campaign execution is handled on the SproutLoud Platform, Brands are assured the best local execution for digital and traditional campaigns.

SproutLoud Analytics

Brands work with a decentralized network of hundreds or thousands of Partners. Measuring success — with comprehensive performance analytics — has been next to impossible. Until now. By centralizing campaign execution in SproutLoud’s Through-Channel Marketing Automation Platform, Brands get in-depth analytics on the performance of their Channel Marketing spend.

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