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More than a century has passed since the inception of Co-Op Advertising, but it hasn’t changed much. It’s a flawed process. Brands and Partners know it, but they’ve continued using it because it has been very difficult to transition to something new — until now.

SproutLoud has transformed claims and reimbursement by integrating Co-Op funds management with local execution and better analytics. This allows Brands to save to save up to 50 percent on claims processing by moving their Co-Op program to SproutLoud with no disruption for the Brand or Partners.

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How Evolved Claims and Reimbursement Works

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1. Transfer:

SproutLoud recreates your current Co-Op model exactly in our Platform with expert change management.

2. Save:

Because SproutLoud handles the entire transaction, the Brand saves saves up to 50 percent on claims processing.

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3. Increase sales:

Seamless delivery, expert execution and integrated analytics drive improved sales performance.

Expert Change Management

We know that Co-Op programs are deeply integrated into Brand Channel Marketing practices. Often, this “stickiness” can hold Brands back, and making any effort to change can seem disruptive and difficult. At SproutLoud, we know that any change in Co-Op must be invisible to the Partners. That is why we have taken such care in developing a transition methodology.

SproutLoud will manage a Brand’s Co-Op program on our Platform and save the Brand up to 50 percent on claims processing — with no disruption to Partners. When the Brand is ready, we can seamlessly transition to the next evolution of Co-Op: SproutPay Instant Funding. This transition includes educating and onboarding Partners, then gradually introducing SproutPay options that will encourage Partner participation while lowering costs for the Brand.

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