Effortlessly Transition Your Co-Op Program to SproutLoud

More than a century has passed since the inception of Co-Op Advertising, but it hasn’t really changed much. It’s a flawed process. Brands and their Partners know it, but they’ve continued using it because it has been very difficult to transition to something new — until now.

SproutLoud has transformed claims and reimbursement by integrating Co-Op funds management with local execution and better analytics. This allows Brands to save 50 percent on claims processing by moving their Co-Op program to SproutLoud with no disruption for the Brand or Partners.

How It Works

  • Transfer: SproutLoud recreates your current Co-Op model exactly in our Platform with expert change management.
  • Save: Because SproutLoud handles the entire transaction, the Brand saves 50 percent on claims processing.
  • Increase sales: Seamless delivery, expert execution and integrated analytics drive improved sales performance.

Managing Change

We know that Co-Op programs are deeply integrated into Brand’s Channel Marketing practices. Often this “stickiness” holds a Brand hoby making any effort to change seem disruptive and difficult. At SproutLoud, we know that any change in Co-Op must be invisible to the Partners. That is why we have taken such care in developing a transition methodology.

SproutLoud will manage a Brand’s Co-Op program on our Platform and save the Brand 50 percent on claims processing — with no disruption to Partners. When the Brand is ready, we can seamlessly transition to the next evolution of Co-Op — SproutPay Instant Funding. This transition includes educating and onboarding Partners, then gradually introducing SproutPay options that will encourage Partner participation while lowering costs for the Brand.