Brands drive every aspect of Local Marketing with SproutLoud’s SaaS-based Through-Channel Marketing Automation Software.

  • With dynamic templates, Brands can ensure that every local marketing campaign is Brand compliant.
  • Centralizing campaigns on the SproutLoud Platform means Channel Partners can only participate in tactics and marketing campaigns dictated by the Brand.
  • SproutPay Instant Funding ensures that there is no possibility of fraud because Channel Partners can only select Brand-compliant campaigns that are immediately routed our integrated network of marketing vendors for campaign execution.
  • Our Integrated network of pre-approved, best-in-breed Marketing Service Providers ensure that every Brand-compliant ad is executed with the highest level of quality control.
  • SproutLoud Analytics gives Brands the business intelligence they need to quickly identify ROI and make any necessary course corrections in real time. This is SproutLoud’s way of empowering Brands to invest only in what works.

For Brands and their Channel Partners, SproutLoud delivers the confidence and peace of mind of knowing that every local marketing dollar spent is effectively and efficiently invested to increase sales.

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