The Next Evolution of Marketing Insight

In Channel Marketing, Brands work with a decentralized network of hundreds or thousands of Partners. Measuring success — with comprehensive performance analytics — has been next to impossible. Until now.

By centralizing campaign execution in SproutLoud’s Through-Channel Marketing Automation Platform, Brands get in-depth analytics on the performance of their Channel Marketing spend. We call it SproutLoud Analytics.

How It Works


  • Performance reporting: Clear reporting gives your Brand and Partners insight on every campaign.
  • Compare tactics: Call-Tracking technology shows you what tactics and messages are driving response.
  • Consolidated views: Brands can evaluate one tactic or message across the entire Partner ecosystem.
  • Real insight: Accurately compare the ROI of different digital and traditional tactics.

SproutLoud Analytics allows Brands and Partners to see the performance impact of every Channel Marketing dollar they spend.