The Next Evolution of Channel Marketing Technology


There are nearly twice as many marketing technology vendors this year compared to last year — almost 4,000 vendors, in fact, offering services in about 50 categories, according to a recent Supergraphic by So how does a Brand choose?

For over 10 years SproutLoud has been on the cutting edge of Through-Channel Marketing Automation and our approach has been very different. We have focused our attention on the major challenges that Brands have with marketing technologies:

  • Marketing software is expensive, with IT costs and per seat licenses.
  • Software moves very slowly, with development cycles that can’t respond to Brand needs.
  • Most industries are dealing with regulations or mandates that must be followed.
  • Vendor sprawl is caused by too many MarTech vendors that don’t play well with one another.
  • Technology is only as good as its uptime.
  • Too often Brands use technologies without clear insight into the value they provide.

SproutLoud has developed a Through-Channel Marketing Automation Platform that allows Brands can be responsive, efficient and secure throughout all their Local Partner marketing campaigns.

SaaS Platform: Connect with Confidence

Simple. Accessible. Efficient. Secure. With SproutLoud’s SaaS Platform, all you need is a browser — we take care of everything else. No need to create your own data center or assemble your own IT support team, thanks to SproutLoud’s private cloud and the full-service support, which we offer with all our software and services. No installation, patches, third-party plug-ins, upgrades or maintenance required. Our SOC2, PCI/DSS, Visa, and HIPAA-compliant data centers are built for security, resiliency and redundancy to guarantee maximum uptime.

Agile Development: Creating Value for Our Customers

We are Agile. It’s how we develop, deploy and deliver our technology. It’s also how we think, work and collaborate at SproutLoud. Agile is the world’s leading methodology for fast, iterative software development. It’s the basis of how we create value for our customers — developing software features and products specifically tailored to our customers’ needs.

After eight years investing in Agile methods, such as Scrum and Kanban at scale, we migrated to Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprise (SAFe) in 2015. At SproutLoud, we deploy upgrades to our platform daily. And because every customer’s secure production environment is built off a single code stack, all our customers get instant access to the latest innovations we create.

Security and Compliance: Your Security is Our Priority

Security is our highest priority. All our application access is securely offered over SSL. Our data centers are SOC 2, PCI/DSS, Visa, and HIPAA compliant – built for security, resiliency and redundancy to guarantee maximum uptime. And as a company, SproutLoud is SSAE 16 SOC 1 compliant.

Our commitment to security permeates everything we do. To avoid even the remotest possibility of fraud or misuse, SproutLoud purposefully does not store or transmit credit card data within our ecosystem. From access and engagement to marketing program execution and program analytics — we ensure that your every step is secure.

API Integration: Seamlessly Integrating Systems

At SproutLoud, our API Integration delivers simplified access management that seamlessly connects our application with our customers’ systems. Using API — Application Program Interface — we can connect multiple systems together so data can easily migrate across the systems with the least amount of user involvement.

We have easy-to-implement APIs for integrated automation and data flow. Our Single-Sign-On (SSO) Authorization is supported by SAML 2.0, the industry standard for a more efficient, secure enterprise solution. Using SSO APIs (XML-based or SAML-based), SproutLoud seamlessly integrates our application with our clients’ networks, so end users experience two separate systems as if they were one.

Performance: Built for Success

We understand that dependability and availability are crucial to the success of your business. That’s why we guarantee 99.5 percent uptime on our application – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Application content is delivered via a global content delivery network (CDN), so no matter where you are you’ll get the fastest available access to the content being delivered.

Analytics: Translating Your Data into Actionable Intelligence

Think of embedded analytics as the intersection between insight and action.

At SproutLoud, we infuse analytics directly into the functional user interface. This essentially means actionable insight is presented to you as you are executing your campaign. It’s not only about pretty dashboards. Our interactive analytics are designed to help your Brand understand the performance of your marketing and your Partners.