Get the Most Out of Your Funds and Improve ROI

If you polled every Channel Partner who ever launched a Co-Op advertising campaign, they’d all likely describe the process in the same way: a headache. Searching the Digital Asset Management (DAM) site, using the Ad Builder, placing the ad, submitting the reimbursement form, then waiting, waiting and more waiting for the reimbursement to arrive — it’s an outdated, broken, ridiculous process.

But what if Brands and Partners could contribute funds instantly? And what if it was guaranteed the funds would be used effectively and in a Brand-compliant way?

SproutPay Instant Funding is a disruptive new way of making Co-Op and MDF funds work harder for you and your Partners while improving analytics and ROI.

How It Works


  • Drive tactics: The Brand ties funding directly to preferred, Brand-compliant campaign tactics in SproutLoud LaunchPad.
  • Fund instantly: The funds from both the Brand and the Partner are instantly applied.
  • Create participation: More Partners participate because the process is so simple and quick.
  • Lower OpEx: No approvals and no claims processing means more dollars can be dedicated to reaching customers.
  • Increase campaigns: Partners execute more campaigns because they have more dollars to spend.

Expert Change Management

  • Start with Co-Op: SproutLoud will mirror your existing Co-Op program exactly.
  • Save 50 percent: Because we manage the entire transaction, we can save you 50 percent on claims processing fees.
  • Train and onboard: SproutLoud trains your Partners how to use SproutPay.
  • Offer both: Offer Co-Op on some tactics and SproutPay on others to drive adoption.
  • Migrate seamlessly: Give Partners what they want with no disruption.

Benefits of SproutPay

  • More budget: Instant funding drives more Partner dollars toward your campaigns.
  • Better tactics: Partners use preferred tactics because the funding offer is more attractive.
  • No fraud: No approval requests. No reviews.  No reimbursements. No fraud.
  • Better insight: Embedded analytics means Brands and Partners invest wisely.